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General Cleaning Tips

French Cleaning Tips


If you have worn eyeglasses a while, then you should be aware of a dirty buildup that will occur around the edges of your eyeglass frames, and nose pieces. Depending upon the individual, and whether male or female, there will be varying degrees of build up.

This build up consist of facial oils, facial grease, dead skin cells, and other. As it accumulates it can resemble a waxy substance. Additionally, If one wears make up then the make up will also accumulate around the lens edges and nose pieces.

So, for this reason we recommend the follow steps be taken prior to cleaning your eyeglasses with OptiMax.

We recommend that a soft bristle brush, perhaps an old tooth brush be used in the following manner. Apply two or three drops of a mild dishwater detergent, like Dove, Palmolive, or similar, to the moistened brush then gently clean the areas around the outer edges of your eyeglasses. These mild detergents will not harm your coating.

Pay particular attention to the areas where the frames meet the lenses, and the nose pieces. Rinse with tap water, and repeat this process on both sides, until no further build up can be seen.

In all honesty, we have had two complaints in eight years of selling OptiMax, and both were related to eyeglass cleaning, and this waxy build up. If this build up is not removed first, then it is very easy to pull this build up in from the edges, thus giving the appearance of a poor cleaner.

So, once the build is is removed, then use OptiMax cleaner, as described on the previous page.

One other thing I should mention, we have a large number of visitors to our site looking for a way to remove the anti-reflective coating from their eyeglasses or sunglasses. They desire to remove this ar coating because they have found it very difficult to get, or keep their coated eyeglasses clean.

This anti-reflective coating, "AR", is applied for mainly two different reasons. One reason is the coating will enhance ones seeing ability and reduce reflections. Another reason is that in some instances the coating is actually more durable that the lens itself. So some coatings are applied to help protect the lens.

But, what happens is this... with a non-coated lens you basically have two surface areas that will reflect light. For example, a normal piece of glass will reflect approximately 4.3 percent of the total light. When one adds a coating this can be greatly reduced, thus allowing more light to enter the eye.

Our eyes can be amazingly critical, and if a coating has been applied then not only will you be able to see better, but it allows you to see any imperfections in cleaning more easily.

OptiMax will precisely clean eyeglasses so well, that we guarantee you will see better.

In addition, once you have cleaned properly with OptiMax your eyeglasses will stay clean much, much longer than before.

OptiMax really does clean what the other cleaners leave behind.

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