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Why buy them when you can play and earn them for free?


When it comes to currencies in a virtual economy, Fornite’s very own V-bucks is one which is highly valued and sought after. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering that Epic Games managed to earn over $125 million in February 2018, a figure which grew to $300 million for April in 2018. But fornite v bucks aren’t cheap. Sure, you could save up for that one skin to look like a pink teddy bear, but then there are a whole different collection of skins and emotes which you would drool over, and that would mean spending more money than you would want to or can afford to.

The good thing is there are a few good ways in which you can earn free v bucks. By earn, we mostly mean playing the game itself or logging into the game on a regular basis. It might seem to be a bit of a grind, but in the long run, you can earn yourself a lot of fornite Vbucks free of cost and then splurge on cosmetics and new loot llamas to your heart’s content.

Read on to find out some legitimate ways on how to get free v bucks to spend both in Fortnite: Save the World and Fornite Battle Royale.


The battle royale mode rewards you for progressing through the tiers of the season battle pass with free v bucks. You gain progress through each tier (10 stars each) up to a hundred by completing daily and weekly quests. Now the free battle pass rewards players with only 200 fornite v bucks each season which isn’t a lot. It gives you enough to buy a common emote per season. But if you can make a one-time investment of $10 to buy the paid version of the battle pass, then you can get back more than what you invested in.

The paid battle pass has 13 tiers which reward you with 100 vbucks. So, this means that if you manage to progress through to the 100th tier or at least through these 13 tiers which are spread out across a hundred, you get yourself 1300 fornite v bucks in total. Couple that with the free 200 per season and you get a return of 1500 vbucks on your investment of $10 for 1000 vbucks.

With that 1500 vbucks in hand, you can get yourself an epic rarity skin or some other dances and emotes. Or you could buy the next season’s battle pass and then add up that season’s total 1500 vbucks with your remaining 550 vbucks from the previous season to buy something even more rare. The thing is though, it is a game of patience, and it can be a hard grind especially if you don’t earn yourself that ‘Victory Royale’ often.


Save The World is the original PvE version of Fornite Battle Royale. This is the easiest way to get your hands on some free fortnite v bucks without even putting much effort, unlike the battle royale mode where you have to grind out game after game. The good thing is your fortnite account is linked through both Save The World and Battle Royale, which means that the vbucks you earn in one mode can be used on the other. But just like the paid versions of the seasonal battle passes in Battle Royale, the PvE version requires a one-time investment.

You have to purchase the PvE version to access it, and the one-time payment is not cheap by any means but worth it in our opinion. Save The World is now available for $39.99 for the standard edition and $59.99 for the deluxe edition which gives you bonus items and characters to start with.

Epic Games had a sale back in July 2018 to celebrate their one year anniversary, and the basic pack was available for around $20 which was a great deal. If you can wait for it, a similar deal might come up in the future again.

Now there are a lot of ways you can earn free v bucks in Save The World. Logging into the game on a daily basis is the first. In a similar manner to the progression of tiers in the battle royale mode, daily logins reward you with v-bucks and other items which are helping in the leveling up and strengthening of your account.

The downside to it is that this is the slowest method, and it demands that you stick with the game for the long run. But if you manage to log in for a total of 336 days, you will get rewarded with a total of 10000 fornite v bucks which is equivalent to a little under a $100 worth of v bucks. This is a huge return of your initial investment, and you don’t even have to log in every single day consecutively.

Whenever you do log in, the daily log in meter counts it as the next day, and over the next 336 days, you will find yourself sitting heavy with a cool 10000 Free v-bucks to spend.

Apart from the daily logins, you can also do the daily quests which you are assigned. These daily quests reward you mostly with 50 vbucks for completing them but also give you 75 and 100 vbucks sometimes.

  • Husk Extermination (Any Hero) – Kill 500 Husks (Any Hero) in successful missions (worth 50 vbucks)
  • Mission Specialist (Soldier) – Complete 3 missions as a Soldier (worth 50 vbucks)
  • Mission Specialist (Canny Valley) – Complete 3 missions in Canny Valley (worth 75 vbucks)
  • Mission Specialist (Twine Peaks) – Complete 3 missions in Twine Peaks (worth 100 vbucks)

Playing the main storyline gives you vbucks rewards as well. The challenges which reward you with vbucks are the Storm Shield Defence quests which grant you 100 fornite v bucks per quest. You can complete these quests over four main areas of the PvE map; Stonewood, Plankerton, Twine Peaks and Canny Valley. There are 22 quests which you can complete, and you will be rewarded a total of 2200 vbucks.

There are also timed missions which are allotted to you apart from the main storyline quests and daily quests. Time missions grant you bonus rewards like evolution materials, experience, schematics, heroes, defenders, survivors, perk resources, Transform Keys or V-Bucks. They appear on the map with a timer on them and are rotated every 6 hours. Keep in mind though that only the mini-boss timed missions to reward you with vbucks.

Finally, we have the collection book. This is like your documentation of schematics (weapons/traps), heroes, survivors, and defenders. Your collection book levels up based on the number of items you have in it. The more you level up, the more vbucks you will get. It is a slow method to get v bucks and getting to level 96 will grant you a total of 500 vbucks but hey, at least it is free, and you get rewarded for your efforts.


The Solo Showdown events are fornite very own competitive modes as they involve rewards in the form of free v bucks for the top 100 placeholders.

Players can play matches in Solo Showdown mode to earn themselves points based on their total kills, placings in each game and most importantly a total number of ‘Victory Royales’ for the duration of the event.

The total number of games was 50 in the first Solo Showdown while the second one required only 25 games. Higher the number of points, higher would be the placing in the leaderboards and more the chances of entering the top 100 to earn some sweet free v bucks.

The player who attains the first position is awarded 50000 v bucks which are equivalent to almost $500 worth of vbucks. From the 2nd position to the 100th, the prize awarded is 25000 vbucks (2nd to 4th), 13500 vbucks (5th to 50th) and 7500 vbucks(51st to 100th).

Naturally, all of the good players try their hand to win some free v bucks and you can too, but you had better get practicing as you will need to beat millions of other players around the world to fill up your fornite wallet.

Avoid V Bucks Scams!!

We cannot tell you enough always to be careful if you go looking online for ways to get Fortnite free v bucks generator | by reapinfo. A lot of websites and applications promise gullible users a lot of v bucks for doing tasks such as downloading apps, suspicious rating products, and website and even in exchange for just your credit and debit card numbers.

These kinds of v-bucks generator websites and applications are always guaranteed to be scams or phishing websites where they take your personal information and sell it off to other companies and third parties or misuse the personal information you gave them to rob you of your hard earned money.

Epic Games themselves have released multiple tweets and discussions on their forums, warning their players and parents of children from being cheated or scammed through these non-trustworthy means. we at are providing the real ways to earn free v-bucks.

In the end, be safe and buy or earn v bucks the legitimate way. We guarantee you it will be worth your patience and restraint.

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